Top 2017 Kitchen Ideas and Designs

These days kitchen makers know that far more than merely being places to cook and eat, our kitchens are at the very heart of our homes. We use them to entertain, work and relax in and they form the natural hub of any busy home. If you’re thinking about kitchen renovation in the near future, here are some of the top trends that have been influencing kitchen design in 2017.

Mixed Materials

Thanks to the worldwide influence of Scandinavian design, the pared-back industrial look shows no sign of losing popularity. This style may not sound very homely but these days it’s all about creating a functional yet beautiful space with materials such as exposed brick and pipes and fuss-free furniture. Metal has a large part to play but the current trend for clever combination with other materials such as warm wood, polished concrete and shiny marble means your kitchen feels reassuringly more like a home than a factory.

Handleless Units

The sleek pared-back look is a very popular trend in Perth kitchen renovations. This linear look with its easy-to-open units is easily achieved by choosing modern doors and drawers without handles in white or grey glossy tones. If this ultra-modern look isn’t for you, you can have the best of both worlds by seamlessly blending the modern with the traditional by investing in the new-look Shaker-style painted cabinets with their slimmer design and cleaner lines.

Statement Worktops

Any kitchen designer will tell you that a granite or quartz worktop used to be the preserve of only the highest spec kitchens. However, recent developments with composite surfaces means that natural stone is now a viable option for more and more people. This is compounded by the fact that as our modern lifestyles mean we spend more and more time in the kitchen, we are more willing to invest in stylish and attractive work surfaces.

Clutter-free Kitchens

Day to day life means it’s impossible to emulate the immaculate kitchen displays Perth boasts in its showrooms. However, the trend for smooth lines means there are now lots of clever innovations when it comes to hidden storage space. Think cabinets with special compartments for the bottles of oils and condiments we often leave lying out on the worktop and inbuilt tall larder cabinets with space for storing larger appliances such as food mixers.  Deep drawers that glide open at the touch of a fingertip are also a practical option and a joy to use.

The Smart Kitchen

From Wi-Fi-enabled ovens that text us when dinner is ready to fridges with built-in cameras to show us what we need from the supermarket, tech is as the forefront in the design of Perth kitchens these days. You can have fun creating your dream kitchen by including pop-up sockets, colour-changing lights and integrated speakers to make your kitchen a truly cutting edge hub in your home. With the ability to switch your kettle on from your phone while you’re still in bed, the possibilities are endless!

Luxury Touches

As we spend more and more time in our kitchens, every kitchen designer is being asked to include items that were once seen as high-end only. These include fantastic features such as boiling water taps, steam ovens, wine fridges and the large American-style fridges and freezers that are fast becoming a must-have for every busy family.

Colour Pop

While the monochrome tones of bright whites and sophisticated greys are still ruling the roost when it comes to colour schemes, Perth kitchens are now becoming bolder and brighter with the addition of bright colour splashes, particularly in shades of green and blue. Darker shades of grey, midnight blue and even black are also a must-have for the most up-to-date kitchen chic.

Copper Tones

Your modern kitchen renovation in fashionable monochrome tones can be beautifully complimented with the clever use of warm copper tones. These can be brought in using statement lighting or by updating your appliances to add a modern yet cosy design statement to your kitchen.

Sinking Feeling

When it comes to doing the washing up, Perth kitchen renovation is making that mundane process a whole lot more exciting! Stainless steel or plain white are classic choices that may well work best for you but why not think about making a stunning design statement with a bang on-trend copper, stone, cast iron or composite granite sink to go with that cutting-edge boiling water tap?

Spaced Out

Modular-style kitchens are proving to be a stylish and practical alternative to the traditional U or L-shaped kitchen design, particularly where space is at a premium. Using floor to ceiling storage and islands is a far more modern and clever way to use your space to maximum effect while simultaneously creating a style statement.

Wonderful Wood

After falling out of favour in recent years, the classic beauty of solid wood is making a comeback with a modern twist. Modern kitchen designers are achieving this by using accents of wood in the design rather than going for a floor-to-ceiling wood look. Fans of the Scandinavian style are favouring the pared-back charm of bleached oak, while American design is a big influence in the use of walnut.

Kitchen Life

The trend of using our kitchen as a living space is showing no sign of abating. Due to this speaker systems and TVs are now part and parcel of our kitchen must-haves. Increasingly these are as sleek and high-tech as possible to fit in with the overall design aesthetic. If space allows, it’s also a great idea to choose a modern sofa or armchair as a relaxing seating alternative to the kitchen table.

When it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen, there is no right and wrong. Don’t forget the kitchen you create should be as individual as you are, so enjoy choosing from the best of the latest trends at Kitchen Capital WA. Call 08 9388 6667 for more details today.