The Right Kitchen Bin For You.

When people consider storage in their new kitchen they think of all the practical ideas for pots, pans and crockery but many forget about the necessity of an easy to access area for kitchen waste. With so many recycling options these days we need to have a flexible and practical space not only for the general rubbish but also possible worm farm/compost or fogo bins, soft plastic recycling and perhaps even the smaller recyclables like batteries, hard plastic bottle lids/bread tags, beauty products & toothbrushes! It seems like more and more waste items are being separated with specific recycling capabilities, including the new introduction of the container deposit scheme in WA.
So let’s have a look at what options are available!
Wilson & Bradley stock a large range of bins from many brands, the most common configuration being twin bins. The most common size for a large family is a twin 32lt bin (rubbish and recycling) attached to a drawer front for easy opening and are short enough to accommodate a drawer for bin bags or dust pan just above them.
For a smaller house hold there are twin 20lt bins that can fit in the base of a sink cabinet or also on a drawer front mounting, or even smaller twin 10lt bins.
The range of bins that fit into sink drawers is expanding with special low height options that fit into the base of your drawer like the Kia Ora range or bins that fit specific width drawer runners like the Sige bins. Sige also make drawer runners with handy storage tubs for cleaning products for the drawer above your bin.
Then there are options for multiple compartment bins, Wesco have a 4 bin system (2×20, 26 or 32lt bins plus 2x10lt bins) that fit neatly into a 600mm wide drawer. Room for all your recyclables and making access a breeze.
Finally just a reminder that in-sink waste disposal units are illegal in Western Australia.
You can see all these bin options on the Wesco website or ask your kitchen designer to plan in the most appropriate bin system for your new kitchen.