Sue Jansen, the designer listened to our ideas and added her experience in the design to make a kitchen that looks fabulous and works smoothly.  As soon as she walked into the space she knew what would work which was inline with our vision. She included a bulkhead to lower the ceiling height so that the cupboard ratios looked balanced.  Added details included push open cupboards for the top cupboards and under the island which removed the clutter from too many handles. The use of Blum fittings for all drawers and doors and some great space corner cupboard shelving finished off the details beautifully. KC also stocks polished nickel furnishings which matched the doors in the rest of the house. Our preference was to have painted doors and drawers but were concerned on price, but thankfully they only use paint for doors (not vinyl) thus driving the cost down and the end result was a beautiful finish. The thoroughness and professionalism is shown when you receive the full schedule of payments and activities that they provided prior to build, no hidden extras. Kitchen Capital uses a team of skilled craftsmen who work with them on all their projects. They are polite, fastidious in their attention to detail and timely. Particular details of note includes incorporating the wall cornice beautifully around the bulkhead and extractor hood box, and installing the extractor hood which was enormous but works as a standout feature. The cabinet fitters work was also fastidious. On Sue’s recommendation the floors were sanded and polished after cupboard install but prior to kick-boards being fitted. They came back to complete and the final look is a stunning kitchen. The project met the time constraint, stayed on budget and looked fabulous and is a delight to use. We are delighted with our beautiful kitchen.