Pantry Storage

Pantries have always been one of the most important storage areas in the kitchen.  In Grandma’s day, they were full of preserves and bottled goods made from her own garden and ready to be exchanged for other homemade goodies with neighbours.  The bigger the better!
Size of home, number of occupants and whether urban or rural are all contributing factors in what size pantry may suit the family.  Nowadays, with so much produce readily available, some clients do not need as much ‘long-term’ storage as they shop more frequently and would prefer to compromise say pantry space, for additional bench space.  Same applies to smaller households or those families who perhaps purchase more fresh produce than bottled/canned goods.   Yet, for some big or busy families, or those who live more remotely, their needs are often for a bigger pantry as they perhaps do not shop as often and do more bulk buys, or simply need to have a large supply of food on hand for the hungry hoards.  
Whatever your situation, a well designed pantry is an important part of your kitchen and should cater specifically to your needs.  Slide-out shelves are great for easy access and visibility to all the contents.  
If space and budget allows, a great option is of course, a walk-in pantry or a separate scullery which can double as pantry storage.  With the very popular open-plan kitchens, it is great to be able to section off an area for piling up dirty pots and pans and to store all the excess small kitchen appliances etc. Open wall shelves provide excellent pantry storage with goods all visible and easy to access. This can help to keep the main kitchen area clearer of clutter and mess.  
Some photos below of a few pantry options our clients have favoured.
Walk-in pantry with additional bench space (which helps declutter the open plan kitchen) and plenty of open shelves for pantry goods.
Corner pantry with one hinged door and one sliding door.
Scullery has an additional sink and dishwasher for overflow to help keep the main open kitchen clearer when entertaining.  Additional bench space and lots of open shelves for storage are another great advantage.
Pantry showing slide-out shelves – great for deeper cabinets.