1. Payment for the goods shall be made in accordance with the schedule of payments A, B, C, D and E, including any cost variations agreed to by the Owner. All payments are due once appliances are connected.
  2. The quoted price is valid for 14 days from the date of issuance. A re- quote will be done after this time and the price may vary depending on supplier and material prices at the time.
  3. The contract price is valid for 90 days from date of signing or agreement. A re- quote will be done after this time with the additional cost added to the contract by the way of variation.
  4. The Contractor takes no responsibility for the selection of timber grain or colour for use in cabinet doors. Timber is a natural product and as such has a wide range of colour, tones, and hues. The age of sawn trees varies a lot due to milling techniques used today. Requested timber over-staining will be sample checked by Owner prior to manufacture.
  5. All sub-trades to be provided as per attached work order. The price agreed upon herein does not include possible expense entailed in coping with or damage arising from hidden or unknown contingencies found at the job site. Contingencies include faults or deterioration in the structure of the building, missing floorboards beneath existing cabinetry, faulty brick mortar, faulty plumbing and/or any other unforeseen problems.
  6. The Contractor is NOT responsible for additional plaster work where glass splashbacks will be installed unless employed by the Owner and is listed on the sub-trade work order.
  7. This contract involves provision of special skills by the Contractor and is not subject to cancellation by the Owner for any reason apart from those specified in the Act. Costs incurred by cancellation include Designers time, drawings, specification documentation and loss of profits.
  8. Appliances ordered through Kitchen Capital will be delivered with cabinets. Owner supplied appliances are to be delivered to site at least 5 days prior to cabinetry installation. Appliances need to be checked against order and need to be opened and inspected for damage by the Owner. Full specification details of ALL new kitchen appliances is to be made available no later than the measure on site inspection. Should appliances be unavailable for check measuring or specification details not be forthcoming, a delay in delivery of cabinets may result.
  9. The Contractor assumes no responsibility for re-using of existing equipment or warranties on appliances or equipment made by other manufacturers. Re-use of existing dishwashers – note: Owner should have unit serviced before re-installation.
  10. Delivery – the carrying out of the Contract works is subject to the availability of materials and labour and although every effort will be made to meet delivery dates no responsibility can be taken by the Contractor for any delays caused by non-availability of materials, strikes, fires, accidents or other causes beyond Contractor’s reasonable control.
  11. The Contractor shall not be liable for the safe keeping of cabinets or appliances, which it has taken onto a site for installation, but which have not been installed.
  12. The Contractor shall carry out no more or no less work than is shown in the Specification Details overleaf, on the Plans and Drawings. In the event that work not shown in the Specifications or on the Plans and Drawings is required to be carried out to permit the Contractor to carry out and complete the contract works then such extra work will be deemed a Variation and charged accordingly. This Variation is to be paid before complete installation. Your kitchen is custom-made and cannot be reused in any other job. We cannot be held responsible for the Owner simply changing their minds. Changes and the resulting costs will be discussed. Please do not discuss any changes on site with the fitters as they are not always aware of the repercussions when making changes. Any changes need to be signed off with your designer.
  13. Solid surface benches e.g., Quartz, Granite, Corian, Stainless Steel etc.; Is the responsibility of the Owner to check and confirm templates, including tap hole positions, appliance positions, colour, bench edge details etc. with the bench fabricator at time of template collection.
  14. In the event that the Owner has arranged their own benchtops; If benchtops installation has not taken place within 10 working days of the kitchen cabinetry being installed, the final D Invoice payment must be paid without delay or question.
  15. Floor Coverings # This contract DOES NOT cover any floor, removal or replacement # all such work to be carried out by a separate Contractor employed directly by the Owner. Timber floors should not have a final polish until such time as all other work is completed. Whilst every endeavour will be made not to damage existing flooring we cannot be held responsible should this occur. If you are keeping existing flooring, we cannot be held responsible for gaps not covered by new cabinets.
  16. Painting of walls and ceilings # the contract DOES NOT cover any painting of walls and ceilings (either in the kitchen area or surrounding areas).
  17. It is the responsibility of the Owner to notify Kitchen Capital of what type of floor will be installed in order that an allowance can be made in the cupboard measurements, especially where a dishwasher is installed or a built-in refrigerator.
  18. Skirting and Architraves # repair or replacing of skirting or architraves is the responsibilities of the Owner unless stated on the contract.
  19. Splashbacks refer to the area behind the sink and cook tops. Where the Owner may require tiles, glass, stainless steel, granite or some such surface, this IS NOT INCLUDED unless specified. The preparation of the walls for such services is the Owner’s responsibility.
  20. Discrepancies of up to 100mm are acceptable for cabinetry sizing. Sizes on plans refer to external cabinet dimensions, not internal dimensions.
  21. Discrepancies of up to 20mm are acceptable for bench heights.
  22. The cabinetmaker will put filler panels where deemed necessary even though they may not be shown on plans.
  23. The cabinetmakers manufacture from signed off plans and elevations prepared for you by your designer; any CADs produced are visual aids only and do not form part of the contract.
  24. After check-measure, please assume your job is in manufacture. Any changes thereafter may be charged for. This includes cost of changing handles if they have already been ordered.
  25. There may be an additional call-out fee for either the plumber or electrician to return to site to disconnect (and reconnect after) an item (eg. tap) which obstructs the installation of your glass or stone splashbacks. This can only be determined at glass check-measure.
  26. Kitchen Capital retains ownership of all cabinets until they have been paid in full. If the Owner does not make payment in full on the due dates, the Owner consents to the Contractor entering the installation address and removing the cabinets.
  27. We recommend that all work arranged directly by the Owner for minor building alterations should be carried out by a Registered Builder only.
  28. Contracts which the Owner has entered into directly with sub-trades e.g: builders, plumbers, electricians, painters, tillers, flooring contractors etc., which form no part of this contract, shall be the Owners responsibility even if the sub-trade has been recommended by Kitchen Capital. The Owner accepts total responsibility on the basis that the Owner is under no obligation to use any particular sub-trade.
  29. The Owner charges the land at the installation address with payment of all monies due under the contract.
  30. Where the Owner is doing part of the work themselves, they must do so promptly and in time for the advised delivery date. If the Owner fails to do so, the Contractor may engage the necessary trades itself, take over and complete such part of the works and recover the cost of doing so from the Owner.
  31. WARRANTY on work carried out by our company is only valid with the Owner who has employed us to carry out work. In the event that the property is sold, the warranty is VOID.
  32. WARRANTY is null and void if the total contract price has not been fully paid or if payments have not been made in accordance with the Schedule of Payments or variations.
  33. Any legal costs, stamp duties or any other expenses whatsoever incurred by the Contractor in respect of the Contract or other costs reasonably incurred by the Contractor in consequence of this Contract and any other expenses together with any collections costs, dishonoured cheque(s) fees, legal costs, whether charged on scale or on any other basis incurred, shall be paid by the Owner on demand.