Professional Kitchen Maker

Our Extensive Background

Kitchen Capital WA is one of Perth’s most experienced kitchen makers. Our principal, Sue Jansen, has 40 years of experience designing kitchens in Perth.

She has handpicked the team of kitchen designers, and together, they have built one of the most enduring, reliable and awarded kitchen design companies, not only in Perth but also in Australia.


Our Experienced Staff

Our team consists of trained, experienced and dedicated designers who are passionate about producing the best designs for your space and delivering the highest quality locally manufactured kitchens.

For the amount of time and energy we spend in the kitchen, preparing meals for ourselves and our loved ones and the inevitable clean up afterward it is important to understand how design can impact on the functionality and comfort of your kitchen.

The benefit of working with such an experienced team is that we are practiced in all aspects of design and installation, this means that we can provide the best product and service for our customers.


Exclusive Design, Durable Material, Professional Installation

We have tried and tested plumbers, electricians, builders, installers, manufacturers and glaziers, who have just as high a standard as our designers do for quality of design, material and installation. Their eye for detail is unique in the industry, and their pride in their work means that the finish and durability of our kitchens are second to none.

These long term relationships mean that not only can we offer value for money, but on the rare occasions when issues pop up, we are able to fix them with a minimum of time, money and fuss.

Design is a competitive business, after working in the Perth community for nearly 20 years, we have created a network of professionals who are stable and reliable to manufacture and install our designs.


Unparalleled and Tailored Services

However, it is not just our designs that are custom-built. We are also flexible enough to tailor our services to our needs. Say you are building with a third party builder, we are happy to just provide plans.

Maybe you would like us to take a more hands on role, we can liaise with the builder to ensure the kitchen you want comes to fruition.  If you have a family member who is qualified tradesperson we can work with them too.

Or maybe you would like the 5 star royal treatment, where we handle all the plans from design to installation and you only have to deal with one set of invoices as all trades and services will be billed through Kitchen Capital WA


Get In Touch with Us Today

We invite you to have a look around this site, come in to talk to our designers or if you would like any further information please click on the “request a consultation” link or call 9388 6667.