Elegant Kitchen Designs For Your Home

Oh! I like that, I wonder if it comes in cream?

I love that style, but have no idea how making it work.

I’ve always wanted that, but will it fit?

Have you ever looked at a picture of something and fallen in love with it, except for its colour? Or do you know exactly what you want, but have no idea how to achieve it.

There are as many styles as there are people and it is the individual outlook and taste of our clients that make our kitchens special.


Current Styles – Fully Customisable

Kitchen Capital creates all designs from the beginning, bringing the current trends in kitchen and adapting them for your style and making sure your kitchen has longevity.

The predominant kitchen design Perth loves at the moment is the Hampton’s Style. Inspired by luxury from the playground of New York’s elite, it is the perfect blend of country comfort and beach side ease.

Neutral colours that are generally used in this kitchen provide a canvas for our clients to mix up their colour scheme with replaceable items such as crockery, artwork and flowers. This means you can change the way your kitchen feels whenever you wish.

Because of our ability to customise every aspect of your kitchen, we are also able to create some stunning modern contemporary kitchens. We have projects that include swirling sunrise splashbacks, lit kickboards, and bright red feature walls. We have even created new spaces within the existing house including an expansive, light and welcoming kitchen from a cramped galley kitchen and a boxed in windowless dining room.

Kitchens need to be functional, but who says they cannot be beautiful. With new technologies and innovative design a practical kitchen that looks expensive but is as hard wearing as a restaurant kitchen is within everybody’s reach.


Extensive Portfolio

We have an extensive portfolio of the Hamptons style kitchens in our timeless traditional online gallery along with modern contemporary and classic elegance styles which shows just how cohesive but individual these wonderful styles can be. We also have a specialised small spaces gallery. The small kitchen needs specialised attention. With a detailed knowledge of storage solutions and an adventurous spirit that allows us to find the cheeky tricks to give a small kitchen more space and storage than you could expect.

Each style and design has its own personality and each space its own quirks that throw up new challenges and it is helpful to have access to kitchen designers that have years of real project experience in designing custom kitchensbased designers know what our lifestyle is like because they live it too. From breezy outdoor entertaining in the summer, to being able to curl up in a warm and cosy hideaway when the winter storms hit.

We invite you to have a look around this site, come in to talk to our designers or

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