Qualified Kitchen Designers Perth

Experience and Knowledge

Kitchen Capital WA has some of the most experienced kitchen designers Perth has to offer. Our designers have over 120 years combined experience and nearly 20 years experience with us designing and delivering kitchens in Perth we can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Susan Jansen, our principal designer, has worked in the kitchen design and renovation industry for 40 years.  She has seen trends come and go and incredible improvements in technology and innovation.

She has handpicked the design staff, all of whom have very different approaches but one overriding philosophy:

To create custom built, locally manufactured kitchens of the absolute highest quality, with an eye for both durability and a design that will stand the test of time.

Our kitchen designers are well versed in all styles of kitchen. From heritage homes to ultra modern apartments, and cosy country kitchens and from classic kitchens of whites, browns and solid gunmetal greys to bold modern space filled with glass, metal and strong colour, we have the knowledge and commitment to creating an environment that suits your tastes and your lifestyle.

The Heart and Hub of the Home

The kitchen is a major selling point when you buy or build your home, and when building or renovating it is a major investment in time, money and emotion. It is so important to get it right.

What may seem an insignificant issue in the beginning can become a frustrating bugbear over time. That one little issue could be as small as the space for your fridge not being quite big enough and it can be enough to hate your kitchen. Fixing a small problem could cost more than your original kitchen!

This is why starting with the best advice is so important when building or renovating, for your own satisfaction, not to mention the financial rewards when its time to sell.

Kitchens Designed for the Home

For over 20 years Kitchen Capital WA have created some beautiful kitchens to fit Perth’s many gorgeous heritage homes. By always remaining faithful to the spirit of the period, we are able to play with the design and décor to inject a modernity, freshness and space into what is traditionally a small and purely functional room.

We have also designed some spectacular and vivacious modern kitchens, designed with bold colours and shapes, and unique and cutting edge use of material. The design team at Kitchen Capital do not design your kitchen for you but instead we design with you so that you are completely happy and comfortable.

For many examples of the high quality and many styles of kitchens our marvellous designers can create please click the link to our gallery, or to discuss your project with a kitchen designer, click on the request a consultation or call 9388 6667.