Perth Premium Kitchen Cabinets

So, Why Think About Cabinets?

What is cabinetry? For many it is just the doors, or just the hidden bits you never see or ever think about. However, the best quality kitchen starts with the best quality cabinetry. It is the skeleton of your kitchen. It is the framework for your storage and creates the basis of your workspace.

Without quality material and precise construction a kitchen can literally fall apart as you use them.

We are confident in saying that our in-house cabinetmakers are dedicated to producing the best quality locally manufactured kitchen cabinets Perth has seen, and delivering them to each and every one of our clients.

Some of the benefits of working with Kitchen Capital WA are:-

  • Highly experienced and regarded tradesmen and women.
  • Local cabinet makers who can get to your home promptly.
  • Locally built frame and doors.
  • Fully customisable.
  • Full range of colours and styles to choose from.
  • Mix and match handles, profiles and finishes.


Unique Design

The designers at Kitchen Capital WA never work from a kit and we do not reuse plans. Each kitchen starts from a blank sheet of paper and is initially hand drawn from the measurements of your kitchen, laundry or bathroom. This creates an organic connection to your plans and a personal investment in getting it right. We then get those drawings made into amazing photographic quality 3D images. These prove incredibly useful; you can see your kitchen! From these you can also start to develop ideas for colour, material and textures.

A lot of our clients tell us that this is a very dangerous thing. After selecting all the finishes and colours to make their ideal home, they do not want to leave. That is our goal, to create a home for you to love and enjoy. They also tell us that the ability to customise and create a world of your own is addictive and they start looking at all the rooms thinking of what they can do.

Then when this stage is complete and you have selected all your finishes and are happy we send these to our cabinetmakers, our tradespeople and our stonemason, who then craft the cabinets and bench tops from scratch. This ensures the best fit, finish and quality possible for your kitchen.


A Solid Foundation

But none of this would work without quality cabinetry. Like the foundations of your home they need to be solid and secure. Our installers take the time to make sure the cabinetry exceeds standards. As always our dedicated teams are committed to producing the best product in Perth, both for our customers, but also the sense of pride it gives us.

If you would like to find out about the best kitchen cabinets Perth has to offer, please have a look around the site, click on the “request a consultation” link, call into our office at Home Base Expo Subiaco or call 9388 6667.