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The Hamptons interior design style is about refined elegance, and also a sense of comfort, function, and livability. The kitchen is often a key gathering place in a home, so it makes sense that you would want it to capture all of these elements.

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Modern Contemporary Kitchens

Fresh, Stylish and Innovative with Verve and Individual Style. Modern contemporary design is innovative and progressive. It encompasses a wide range of colour, moods and feels. From feature splashbacks, patterned tiles, and new ways of using traditional and/or commercial materials. Modern Contemporary is about pushing the envelope and stretching the imagination; picking a bold feature or paring it back to minimalist perfection. The only limits are your imagination. Using manufactured stone, oversize tiles, a range of domestic and industrial metals, glass and smooth clear white surfaces, through to electric and highlighter colours.

Clean lines and clean surfaces, Modern Contemporary design is about shape, texture colour and the highest quality of materials and finish. There are no hiding mistakes and no room for careless work. Perfect finishes and precision engineering are the hallmarks of this style. Sleek and stylish, this kitchen can fit in well with any home! When it comes to modern kitchens, Australia is the place to be. Let’s talk about what makes a modern kitchen and some classic elements that they encompass.

What Makes A Modern Kitchen Design?

Modern kitchens push the boundaries of kitchen design with their use of engineering, smooth materials and surfaces. These rooms are often horizontally laid out or are U-shaped and have bold designs. Ornamentation is often kept minimal with very few appliances to clutter the clean surfaces. But, this does not mean that this type of kitchen is not well-styled. It makes use of textured features such as marble benchtops, concrete walls, grained timber surfaces and stone tiles to fill out the space.

A modern kitchen will maximise light and space by using clever storage options and reflective materials. The classic flat-panel doors also contribute to the emphasis on space, as they contribute to an uncluttered look. These simple doors work in harmony with flat surfaces, such as benchtops, a kitchen island and cabinets. These smooth features allow for a sleek finish to the kitchen space.  Open floor plans are very common – and work well with the horizontal layout of these rooms. Monochromatic, yet defined, these kitchens also have zone divisions. These divisions are all minimalist and streamlined so that the kitchen as a whole comes together in an elegant fashion.  While a modern kitchen is usually open plan, it is subtly divided from the rest of the house – usually by a kitchen island. This can help create that perfect U-shaped kitchen for your home. Depending on the size and style, a kitchen island could even double as a dining table.

Characteristics Of Modern Kitchen Designs Flat-Panel Doors And Frameless Cabinet Design

Also known as slab doors, flat-panel doors boast centre panels that are flat rather than raised and contoured. The frameless cabinet design essentially means that the door overlays the box of the cabinet – so that no face frame is shown. There should also be consistent spacing between the cabinets, and the doors and drawers. These features add to a sleek, neat kitchen design.

Industrial And Consistent Aesthetic

Industrial details, such as grey walls, immediately add a modern touch. Or, if you prefer, a colourful accent wall or bright kitchen accessories can create a more contemporary feel. These details, as well as any accent details, should be consistent. Think lighting, tables, and bar stools. For example, a row of simple pendant lights could help add to the modern aesthetic of this type of kitchen.

Simple Hardware And Lack Of Ornamentation

In a modern kitchen, the hardware is integrated into the cabinets – you’ll find a lot of C-channel hardware. Horizontal lines, found in the cabinetry, can be beautifully accentuated by straight, simple hardware. This often spans the length of drawers and doors, creating a streamlined effect. The ornamentation is minimal, which contributes to the clean-cut look of the kitchen design.

Natural Materials And Horizontal Lines

The ornamentation you may find in a modern kitchen will often heavily feature natural materials. Ornamentation is picked up from features such as the horizontal grain of the wood, or natural veins of marble. These natural materials are accentuated by the horizontal theme that many modern kitchen spaces share.

Create A Modern Contemporary Kitchen & Make Your Home Beautiful

Modern and Contemporary designs can be as wild or as minimal as desired. Like the era they come from, the rules were made to be broken. Like Jazz from this period, you can take discordant items and put them together in harmony. Or strip everything back to the bones, basic whites or even concretes, functionality and accord.

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