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Corner cabinets in kitchens

Corner cabinets are usually a topic of conversation between client and designer. Whilst never the easiest cabinets to access, they still provide valuable storage space which needs to be utilised wherever possible.

To get the conversation started, here are some ideas to consider.

Rear Access

Depending on layout, it is sometimes possible to gain entry into a corner cabinet from the other side – this can provide some handy storage for items not used on a regular basis.


Whilst no-one likes pokey corner cabinets, if space allows, an option is to have 2 doors which make for a wider entry into the space. The cabby can set out the shelves and/or dividers to accommodate the client’s needs.

Corner Units

There are a few corner units on the market all with similar concepts – whilst not using every inch of space in the cabinet, they provide for easy access as the units bring the items contained inside, towards the front, or out altogether.   Some examples are the half-moon shaped corner units, corner pull-out baskets, ¾ carousel shelves and corner drawers (eg. Blum Space Corner).

We particularly like the kidney-shaped pull-out units – they have 2 shelves which slide out smoothly. They can carry a substantial weight, usually at least 20kg each shelf.