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We’re the Perth bathroom renovation company that specialises in transforming your existing bathroom into a luxury masterpiece that you’ll never want to leave. Our expert bathroom design team will deliver the perfect bathroom to match your current property. The home that you love, only better.

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Why now is the perfect time for your bathroom renovation

Updating your bathroom with a high-quality bathroom renovation is an excellent way to enhance your lifestyle, while increasing your home’s value. The design possibilities are endless, with an incredible product selection and ultra-versatile options for any space.

Whether you have a small bathroom that requires a modern touch or a large bathroom renovation project, our team can help. There has never been a better time to upgrade your life with a bespoke bathroom, and we’re the perfect Perth partner to guide you every step of the way. Expert advice at every stage of your renovation.


Elegant, timeless, and functional bathroom design

Exceptional bathroom design requires a combination of stunning aesthetics and highly practical functionality specific to your unique space. Selecting the perfect combination of products and materials in the right colours can be more challenging than it appears! Interior design is essential yet overlook functionality in favour of looks, and you’ll regret your decision every day! Similarly, select the wrong combination of colours or materials, and you’ll be seeing those mistakes for many years to come. Make the right choices, and your new bathroom will welcome you – brightening your mood with every use.


We’re the Perth bathroom renovation experts and we only design bathrooms that look amazing and make your daily life more comfortable. If you’re looking for an elegant, timeless design that improves your everyday life, then Kitchen Capital is the perfect solution. Leverage over 75 years combined experience designing Perth bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations to remove the guesswork from your bathroom renovation and avoid costly mistakes.


Our local Perth team will work with you to understand the story that your new bathroom is going to tell the world – we’ll help you select the perfect products to match your space, then manage the entire process from start to finish. We understand the unique requirements of renovations in Western Australia, and our local Perth experience simplifies the whole renovation process.


Luxury Perth Bathrooms at Affordable Prices

Outstanding bathroom design doesn’t need to cost the earth. We can help maximise your renovation investment by delivering a luxury design for an affordable price. Our Perth team has over 75 years of combined experience designing and building bathrooms, so we know how to squeeze everything from your budget. We’ll help you select the best value options without making any compromises on quality. Small bathroom renovation budget or large renovation budget, we’re here to help you achieve maximum value for all of your bathroom renos.


Exceptional Quality Workmanship by Trusted Licenced Builders

Quality is everything when you’re considering a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation. Water leaks or drainage problems are the last things that you need when your dream bathroom is completed! We only use trusted, licenced experts that consistently deliver high-quality workmanship for our bathroom renovations Perth. Our extensive experience in both bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations ensures that you receive the highest quality result.

Choose a Perth bathroom renovation specialist that produces quality results that last for decades, not days.  We deliver a consistent, high-quality renovation experience that you can depend on.


Our Unique Process

Step 1 – We Listen

The most important step

We listen to your unique requirements and understand the vision that you’ve developed for your new bathroom. Our experienced design team will ask the right questions to ensure that you’ve considered everything necessary for your dream bathroom. We show you all the latest options, then recommend enhancements perfectly matched with your goals and space.


Step 2 – We Design

The bones of the project

We develop our unique 3D design proposal for your new bathroom. We’ll show you exactly how everything will appear when the transformation is completed. The 3D design proposal includes a comprehensive list of everything that will be completed with your bathroom renovation package.


Step 3 – Your Turn

The best part

The fun starts now, as you carefully select the hardware and tiles for your new bathroom. Don’t worry – we’re here to help with any advice that you need, or for a second opinion throughout this process.


Step 4 – We Transform

When the magic happens

Our team of trusted, licenced experts will carefully transform your dream into a reality. We only work with trade specialists to ensure that the final result represents the highest industry standards.

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Our Perth Bathroom Portfolio

Here are some real examples of local bathroom renovations Perth delivered by our team. Luxury designs that are helping our clients to live a better life every day.  

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Where do I start?

Any idea is a fine place to start!

Every bathroom renovation starts with an idea. The idea could be as simple as ‘make my bathroom more modern’ or as elaborate as ‘Page 49 of the March edition of Belle magazine’. We can help you to get the process started regardless of which stage you’re at currently. Don’t let the endless list of possibilities leave you feeling overwhelmed. Talk to us today to simplify the entire process. We’ll ask the right questions to discover the masterplan for your dream bathroom, hidden in plain sight. Select the bathroom renovation experts that will make the process seamless from end to end.


Will you provide me with plans for my bathroom renovation?


Our plans and comprehensive 3D proposal will show you exactly how your dream bathroom will appear when the renovation is finished. Our team will give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision on your new bathroom renovation design.


How long does a bathroom renovation take?

The exact time taken for a bathroom renovation can vary considerably based on the complexity of the work to be completed. However, we can generally complete a standard bathroom renovation in between three and four weeks from start to finish. Talk to us today to get a more accurate estimate for your bathroom project.


How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

The price of a bathroom renovation can vary considerably based on the amount of work required and the materials selected. Simple designs for smaller spaces start at around $20,000, and higher quality materials or unique requirements can exceed $100,000. Pricing factors include size, site conditions, specification level, and many more variables. Unfortunately, without understanding the scope of your project, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate. However, it’s worth remembering that your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, and achieving a functional space that works is an investment in your quality of life. Our team will help you extract the most value from your Perth bathroom renovation, regardless of your budget. Talk to us today for an accurate estimate of the cost of achieving your dream bathroom design.


Can I complete a second bathroom at the same time?


Renovating two bathrooms simultaneously is an excellent and cost-effective way to enhance the look of your entire home. We can discuss the renovation project as a whole and provide a competitive quote for both bathroom renovations.


Can I choose the products that will go in my bathroom?

Of course, you can!

We encourage you to select the products and tiles that will be used in your renovation. Nobody understands the styles that you prefer better than you do! We’ll also be around to lend a helping hand and ensure that everything will work together.


Can you help with other rooms in my home?


In addition to bathrooms, we also specialise in kitchen renovations. Our team will gladly assist with every aspect of transforming your kitchen. Why not consider including a kitchen renovation at the same time as enhancing your bathroom with a renovation- you’ve already found the team to make it happen.

Renovations bathroom or kitchen renovations, our team can make it happen!


Do I need to be home while the renovation happens?


In fact, many of our customers use this time as an opportunity to catch up on a much-needed holiday. We have strict procedures in place for our bathroom renovators to ensure that your property remains secure and your privacy is respected while we complete the renovations required.


Can you help with a small bathroom?

Yes! Small bathrooms need love too

We can help with any sized project, from small bathrooms to grand master bathroom renovations. Often a small bathroom will have the most to gain from renovations, as we can help maximise the space available with new solutions to turn a small bathroom into a large bathroom space.

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