Bathroom Renovations Under $5,000: 5 Dreamy Ideas

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Popular home remodelling culture and DIY home projects make it like bathroom and kitchen remodels must be exorbitantly costly. However, resisting the popular notion that everything has to be removed and replaced is the first step towards deflating costs of bathroom renovations under $5,000. 

Are our bathroom renovations under $5,000 possible? 

Bathroom remodelling has been one of the homeowners’ greatest headaches due to its high costs. However, bathroom renovations under $5,000 are possible but may require the following: 

  • Doing the work yourself — If your renovation includes any structural changes to the bathroom, or the plumbing and wiring, you can easily DIY the entire bathroom yourself. 

Laying new floor or wall tiles or changing your plumbing requires some skill. Though these activities aren’t necessarily difficult by themselves, they’re best done by professionals. For example, you can replace the sink faucet or install towel bars yourself. 

  • Shopping around — You can significantly cut down on your bathroom remodel costs by comparing prices from different stores, like Home Depot. Additionally, you might consider secondhand or vintage fittings and secondhand materials. The latter implies that someone has leftover material from their own home project and is willing to sell it. 
  • Finding alternatives — Full bathroom makeovers are pretty costly, and thinking outside of the box might help you save money by searching for more budget-friendly alternatives. Though time-consuming at times, taking the alternate route often pays out by cutting down on the cost of materials.
  • A time investment — While it does help you save money, DIY renovations are a time-consuming process. Measure thrice, check twice and cut once. Study your bathroom layout and learn the basics of bathroom design guidelines before attempting any upgrades yourself. 

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How to budget a bathroom renovation for under $5,000

The average cost of a bathroom renovation can mount up to anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000 including materials, and labour. However, if you DIY the bathroom, opting for inexpensive materials can help drive the cost under $5,000.

Wallpaper or paint ~ $100

If you’re planning a DIY renovation, painting the bathroom walls is the most inexpensive approach. Paint is usually cheap, easy to apply, and water-resistant. However, it only gives you one colour, and you might have to buy more paint if you want to go duotone. 

On the other hand, wallpaper comes in various designs, some even made to replicate stone or brick. They also offer more detail than paint does. 

Floorboards ~ $165

Older houses often have floorboards underneath the floor tiles in the bathroom. It’s unconventional, given how floorboards tend to disagree with water, but it’s not unheard of. If that happens to be the case, hammering the nails flush with the boards and sanding them will add more warmth to your bathroom. 

It’s imperative to stain the floorboards with either a clear or tinted varnish to protect them from moisture. 

Bath or shower ~ $2,300

Obviously, a bath or a shower is the priciest of all fixtures for bathroom renovation. However, freestanding baths come in various sizes, styles, and different options you can choose from, which won’t break the bank. 

A new shower could be added next to the bath, as a walk-in shower relying on the bathroom’s floor waste. It’s worth noting that the quoted price is based on the rough approximations of bath and shower prices, with the included plumber’s fee. 

Vanity ~ $1,000

Repurposing furniture as bathroom vanities is an inexpensive alternative and could serve as a focal point for your bathroom. You can use anything from a remodelled console to a vintage shop countertop, as long as you cut out the hole for the sink. 

Lighting ~ $570

Pendant lighting, chandeliers, and light fixtures can serve as focal points or accentuate other things of interest in a space. However, prices can range significantly from a couple of dollars to several thousand, depending on your preference. 

bathroom shower screen

5 Ideas for renovating your bathroom for under $5,000

It’s important to remember that being inexpensive doesn’t mean low value. Poorly completed upgrades will decrease the value of your home as opposed to inexpensive ones. Here are five dreamy ideas for renovating your bathroom under $5,000:

Use similar materials

Retaining and refurbishing your existing materials is always the best and less-expensive option. However, if you really have to swap things out, opt for inexpensive look-alike alternatives, like high-quality vinyl flooring. 

Refinish over replace

Refinishing old fixtures and fittings tends to be a lot cheaper than buying new ones, especially when it comes to bathtubs and showers. Compared to other methods, such as liners, refinishing your bathtub is more inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. The same rule applies to almost all bathroom fixtures, fittings, and other furniture. 

Install new hardware on your cabinet

After you’ve finished your vanity cabinet, you can replace its old hardware. However, aged brass hardware adds more character to a vintage piece. If you have to replace broken hardware, brass can be aged faster with a mixture of vinegar and salt. 

Paint your wooden floor

Solid hardwood shouldn’t be your first choice for bathroom flooring despite its beauty. However, if you already have hardwood flooring, make sure to protect it by painting it with protective enamel. It’s a low-cost way of maintaining your wooden floors for as long as possible. 

Install a new faucet

A refinished vanity cabinet and a new faucet are a good combo. Installing a new faucet or replacing the old one does require some skill, but nothing that you couldn’t learn from a five-minute YouTube tutorial. Exercise caution to prevent any damage to the plumbing. Repairing that does require both skill and the budget.


The most inexpensive way to renovate the bathroom is to take on the bulk of work yourself. Refinishing and opting for alternative and affordable materials will also save you money. In the end, it’s entirely possible to do bathroom renovations under $5,000, but it requires meticulous planning and a reasonable amount of time.

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