5 Beautiful Cupboard Colour Options for a Hamptons Style Space

All White Colour Option for Hamptons Style Kitchen

If you’re acquainted with Hamptons style kitchens, you’ll know that the major defining features are framed wooden cabinetry, high-shine marble surfaces (usually marble-look engineered stone), and white. White is a classic, sophisticated colour option for the entire house; but looks especially striking in the kitchen.

White has become the staple colour scheme for Hamptons kitchens due to its encapsulation of both elegance and coastal chic. For those lucky enough to have spacious houses on New York’s Long Island, where the Hamptons style was born, a decadent white kitchen is a defining touch of Hamptons trophy homes.

From its inception on the upper east side, the interior design style swept the world, becoming particularly popular and sought-after in Australia. The relaxed way of life by the sea down under has proved the perfect foundation for this type of laid-back yet high-class style, and soon the Hamptons style became a common fixture in Australian homes. Australian kitchen designers like Kitchen Capital WA have made Hamptons style a prominent selling point in their business due to its high popularity.

If you’re thinking that a white kitchen doesn’t sound practical for you – especially if you have messy young children or like your house to have a cosy, ‘lived in’ vibe rather than look like a glossy show home, you can still interpret the Hamptons style with a dash of colour. Inject your personality into your kitchen while still making use of all the beautiful features that embody Hamptons interiors with our colour guide. We hope you find the perfect colour scheme you’ve been looking for!

1. All White Everything

The base theme for your Hamptons kitchen is predominantly white. From there, you can choose to accentuate carefully chosen parts of your kitchen – such as with a tiled splashback, or a dark wood floor – always ensuring that white is the main focus of the room. For a fantastic finish, complete the look of your room with stunning glass from a Perth glazier. Look at Hampton’s style kitchen examples online (there are many on Kitchen Capital WA’s website) for visual inspiration on how to include colour tastefully.

2. Ocean Colours

Set an ocean colour scene in your kitchen with muted pastel-toned cupboard doors. Duck-egg blue, pale green, lilac, and soft stone grey are all beautiful colours that can be incorporated well within an all-white Hamptons kitchen to perk up the theme if you prefer a pop of colour in your rooms.

When using colour in your Hamptons kitchen, make sure it’s utilised sparingly and with a thought towards its placement. Chic simplicity is the foundation of Hamptons style – if you choose to accent your cupboard doors, keep everything else in white monotone to ensure you achieve the look.

3. Glass Cabinetry

Glass-framed cupboard doors are a beautiful addition to a Hamptons style kitchen – so long as your crockery inside also matches the space! Go a step further by using open shelves in the room too, to display only your best glassware and ornaments. Ensure the wooden cupboard frames are painted – you guessed it – white, in keeping with the Hamptons colour palette to give the space a polished finish.

4. Dark Wood

All-white kitchens offset with dark wood accents looks stunning, if done right. Use dark wood floors, a dark wood kitchen island completed with a white benchtop, or dark wood cabinets – pick one of these options, and only one. Hamptons style is overpowered when white isn’t the main component, so other colours should be used artfully. Dark wood looks much more expensive and is a much better background to highlight your beautiful white theme.

5. Marble

Marble-look engineered stone has been the choice material for the sophisticated kitchen renovation for the past few years; and has been incorporated into the Hamptons style kitchen framework for use as benchtops and splashbacks. Choose your marble in white, or a pale grey tone to accentuate the rest of the white space in the room.