2018 Kitchen Ideas

Everyone wants to keep their home looking fresh, fashionable, and up to date. This extends from the garden to bedrooms, the living room to the bathroom. Of course, we can’t forget the kitchen!

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house; it’s where the food is made, it’s where socialising occurs, and it’s generally a place of creativity, as well as a little chaos. A kitchen that looks dated and old does not inspire culinary creativity, so it’s vital to update the decor very so often. Here at Kitchen Factory we’re all for keeping up to date with new trends! With our innovative kitchen renovation ideas, we’re keen and eager to let our kitchen designers loose on your space!

If you need a little inspiration, here are a few kitchen designer ideas you can work into your space this coming year. Maybe you won’t like the idea of all of them, but a few may pique your interest.

Ready for a banquet

One of the biggest trends is heading back from the 80s, and like it or not, banquette-style seating is making splashes in the designer world. Of course, this is of the wood variety, and polished to perfection. It’s up to you whether you accessorise it with soft furnishings, or leave it open for minimalism.

Black Fixtures & Fittings

Steer clear of steel if you want to be bang on trend this year, and instead go for black when it comes t your fixtures and fittings. This is one idea which is not going to need the biggest kitchen renovation when it comes to changing things around, but if you don’t have a contemporary style in your space already, you will need to change things around a little more. Pair this with light wall coverings for a truly modern twist.

Continuous Sinks

What on earth is a continuous sink? There’s really not much else to call it, but by this we are talking about having your sink in the same material as the rest of your countertop. This will of course give a continuous effect, rather than a gap and a stainless steel interlude. Our kitchen makers will be able to advise you on the best material to go for.

A Social Effect

One of the biggest Perth kitchens demands currently is a dining room within a kitchen. This basically gives you a social aspect to your space. The kitchen is the true heartbeat of a home, so it makes sense to eat there as well as cook there! Of course, this also means that people can sit at the dining table drinking coffee, whilst someone else is cooking, for a more sociable experience.

Making Use of Marble

Marble has been around for eons, but it has always been a material that many people have shied away from. This could be because of the cost or the fact it is quite fragile, but these days marble has taken on a tougher edge. Marble in a kitchen has many advantages, but if you’re a keen baker, the constant cool temperature is a big plus point, especially when making things like bread. Of course, marble also looks rather opulent, and if that’s the kitchen designer look you’re going for, it has to be marble.

No Cupboards High Up

Another 2018 kitchen trend revolves around the idea of not having cupboards on your walls. Instead of making use of the higher walls, these are left for decorate elements, or a more minimalist approach. The lower segments of the kitchen are instead where the storage is situated. Our Perth kitchen renovations can easily incorporate this new style element into your design. 

Square Tiling

Tiling is traditionally used over the sink and as a splash back over the hob, and whilst this trend isn’t likely to change any time soon, the shape of said tiles may! Square patterns are all the rage at the moment, to give a brick-like appearance. Contemporary colours such as black, grey, cream, and white look particularly good with this sleek design.

Hidden Hood Over The Hob

It has long been the rage to have a large stainless steel hood over the hob, as this was thought to give that modern edge to a kitchen. That is all changing, and our Perth kitchens are seeing more and more hidden hoods instead. The hood is built into the architecture over the hob, e.g. the cupboard space perhaps, and this conceals it away from sight. This idea really achieves that minimalistic look with ease.

Hidden Cupboards

It might seem that we’re hiding everything with our new kitchen design ideas, but it really is the biggest trend of the year. We have talked about hiding the hood over the hob, but now we’re talking about hiding the cupboards themselves! The flat fronted appearance of the newly designed cupboard means that the handle is at the top, as a ridge, rather than a handle that protrudes outwards. The cupboards are sleek, built in, and literally look as though they are part of the wall. Clever! Ironically, this also gives the illusion of more space in the kitchen, so it is ideal if you have a smaller sized kitchen in your home.

These are some of the biggest and most requested trends for the coming year in kitchen design. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary space, there are ideas on that list you can easily incorporate, whether that means a total renovation or a simple change here and there. Our kitchens Perth services make giving your space a fresh twist easy, ensuring that you stay bang on trend, no matter which option you go for.

Home renovation is certainly not all about gardens and living rooms, and we should pay as much attention to our kitchen style as the rest of our home. The centre-point of any household is the room where the food is made, so creating a central hub of activity here, in a stylish way, is a must do for this fresh calendar year.